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Name: Guinevere
Fandom: BBC Merlin
Point in their canon at which they enter Haurvatat: Just after season 3
Physical Description: Guinevere’s complexion makes her stand out from others in Camelot, the darker shade a colour not many villagers have. She has dark curls, almost ringlets and unruly if she does not style it properly which she tends to do most of the time anyway. When working she tends to have most of it pinned up with perhaps a few tendrils loose. She is all of 5’3” so is tiny compared to many people of her age, and is curvy but toned. Her clothing may not be viewed as the most practical given her work, often made of finer material with an embroidered bodice that is often tied tightly, but given her (old) position as Morgana’s hand maiden it can be said she had to look her best. She will change to breeches and a loose top with a belt around the waist if she has to fight, or remove her bodice from her dresses when she has to be involved in helping during a war in the castle.

I am neither Angel Coulby (the actress who plays her) or Guinevere. This version of Guinevere is property of the BBC.

Mun and muse are over 18